Protect Your Home or Business From the Elements

Protect Your Home or Business From the Elements

Trust a roofing company with your repair or replacement

A home or business is a huge investment. The best way to protect it from water damage and mold growth is to make sure you have a sturdy roof. T & T Roofing LLC can help with our residential and commercial roofing services.

Whether you need a repair, installation or replacement, you can count on our team. Reach out to us right away to get a free estimate for our roofing services.

Choose the right type of roof for your property

Shingle Roofing Systems

T & T Roofing provides several different shingle roofing types for your roofing needs. Types include red and white cedar, as well as slate. Each shingle variety has its unique pros and cons and we will provide a free consultation to select the ideal shingle solution for your unique Nantucket roofing needs.

T & T Roofing recommends the use of Asphalt (Traditional or Architectural) and Cedar (Red or Yellow) over most other roofing shingle materials due to their lightweight build and impressive durability and longevity.

Flat Roofing[Rubber Membrane Roof(TPO)] Systems

T & T Roofing provides rubber membrane roofing (EPDM and TPO) services to any roofing client who requests it. We also apply TPO systems to any low sloped, flat, industrial, or commercial roofing application. Moreover, T & T Roofing applies TPO roofing materials as a single-ply roofing fixture.

Flat roofing has become more common in contemporary society. However, flat roofs are common for other reasons. For instance, some of our clients prefer flat roofs so that they can lay on them and gaze at the stars, or get a nice view of their neighborhood from above.

Flat roofing is the most cost-efficient roofing solution because the entire roofing area can be used for recreational purposes. T & T Roofing would also recommend a flat roof if you plan on installing solar panels in the future due to logistical convenience.

Metal Flashing

T & T Roofing is a specialist in metal roofing fabrication. Generally speaking, we use copper pieces to create our metal roofing systems.

T & T Roofing believes that metal flashing have several distinct advantages over other roofing alternatives. For instance, the effects of salt due to coastal living deteriorates other metals at a more rapid rate . We offer fabrication of all copper flashings, such as step flashing, chimney pans and valley flashing on site.