T & T Roofing provides residential roofing materials and roofing type for the roofing industry. We recommend an inspection after approximately 16-18 years. Due to Mother Nature and the occasional harsh New England island environment, the average roof lasts approximately 20 years. Your roof may last much longer but we felt it was pertinent to give you the average in the Nantucket roofing industry.

T & T Roofing is well aware that one must choose the right roofing materials to ensure a sturdy and stylish support structure. We are also aware that you don't want to compromise value for design. T & T Roofing ensures the ideal solution for your residential roofing. T & T Roofing will customize our roofing materials according to your unique needs. Some of the roofing variations T & T Roofing provides in the roofing sector include:

  • The most popular roofing shingles consist of red cedar shingles in different sizing options as well as traditional or fire resistant. You'll also find that asphalt shingles in either traditional 3-tab or architectural shingles are often used. Other options include rubber, slate and metal.
    Our roofs, whether new installation or replacements, come with a 10 year workmanship warranty. The materials we use also come with their own company guarantees so you can feel safe in your choice with us.

T & T Roofing is also a certified roof repair specialist. If your roof requires repair due to environmental damage or age; we can have a new roof on your home in record time.